Men's Leather Moto Biker Jacket

Achieve style, comfort and protection with a leather moto jacket. Our high-quality men’s leather motorcycle jackets are great if you ride a bike, or you want to pull off the look. 


A staple for every men’s wardrobe, explore our extensive selection of leather moto jackets in a range of styles to suit all styles and tastes. Made with sturdy zips and real genuine leather, leather moto jackets will keep you warm, while looking cool.

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Leather Moto Jackets With Added Protection

Crafted from premium quality and abrasion-resistant leather, we make the ideal men’s leather motorcycle jacket. Our moto jackets provide you with an extra layer of defence against potential injuries and strong weather conditions, such as harsh winds and ultraviolet rays. The superior quality leather materials are soft and sturdy, contributing to both comfort and durability.

Our selection of men’s leather moto jackets combine fashion and practicality, with styles to suit every taste. Add a splash of colour and brighten up your look with our Multiple Patched Vegetable Tanned Goatskin Moto Biker Jacket, or keep it simple and classic with the Black Structured Quilted Belt Moto Biker Jacket.

How to Style The Men's Leather Moto Jacket

The men’s leather moto jacket is a timeless wardrobe must-have, with the power to transform an outfit. When it comes to styling, there are multiple ways to do it. For a casual look, pair your moto jacket with a plain white t-shirt, slim-fit jeans and some classic trainers. If you're looking for a more formal style, try teaming it with a crisp white shirt and a subtle-toned pair of boots.

The History of The Men's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

The leather motorcycle jacket has been an enduring staple for men wanting to achieve an effortlessly cool look. The iconic jacket was founded in 1913 by Irving and Jack Schott, however, it wasn't until 1928 that the world's first jacket was released. Named The Perfecto, it was intended for warmth and protection.

The moto jacket really shot to fame in the early 1950s after being popularised by Hollywood star, James Dean. It oozed attitude and instantly became a symbol of the cool and edgy. The following decades saw the men’s leather biker jacket continue to flourish, and it was frequently associated with punk rock music and anti-establishment. During the 1980s, the jacket was often oversized and covered in studs and metal spikes.

By the 1990s, the moto jacket had softened, appealing to a wider audience. It is now considered a wardrobe essential for stylish men of all ages. There are countless silhouettes to choose from, whether it's a sleek classic style, or something more contemporary, the biker jacket is a timeless staple.

Explore a Range of High-Quality Leather Jackets

Alongside our men's leather moto jackets we have a selection of women's leather moto biker jackets as well as men's leather bomber jackets and men's leather trench coats.

Our extensive selection of leather jackets will help you achieve the look you want, with a range of options to suit all styles. Whether you want to dress them up or wear them casually, they will make a great addition to any outfit.

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