How to Style a Red Leather Blazer: the Ultimate Guide for Men and Woman

Leather comes in every shape, size, and color and that's precisely what makes it so timeless in the fashion world. More concretely, you can try on many different styles and you can go in many different directions because leather simply provides you with a lot of choices.

One choice, in particular, would be to go for a red leather blazer, which is immensely in style at the moment. However, since this is such a bold option, it's not always easy to know how to style such a blazer. Luckily, we've got some tips for you so keep reading to find out!

Color Combinations: Dos and Don'ts

First and foremost, it's pertinent to know which colors go well with a red leather blazer and most importantly, which colors you absolutely shouldn't combine. Otherwise, you risk going wrong with your outfit, right from the start.

As far as colors that go well with red leather blazers are concerned, the main rule of thumb is that red goes best with black and white. With these color combinations, you will always be safe. Especially the red-black combination is always to die for since it radiates class and spice simultaneously. Nevertheless, other colors that go great with red are baby blue, beige, light pink, khaki, and grey.

Now, onto the don'ts when it comes to pairing a red leather blazer. Since red is a very vibrant and bold color, most stylists suggest that you shouldn't add any other red elements to your outfit if you're wearing a red leather blazer. Otherwise, it might all get a little too much and this would detract from the rest of your outfit, which positively would be unfortunate.

Other manifest don'ts include colors such as green, bright orange, purple, and bright pink. These colors do not match with the color red at all since combining these colors would result in a cacophony of colors

How to Style a Red Leather Blazer for Men

style a red leather blazer for men

1. Casual Chic

When you think about men's fashion, a red leather blazer might not immediately be the first thing you think of. This is a true shame since men generally look great in them. This point immediately gets proven by this first outfit tip as regards pairing a red leather blazer.

To be more concrete, if you want to rock the "casual chic" vibe in a red leather blazer, it's recommended to pair it with black pants, black classic shoes, and a black turtleneck. This screams both classy and casual at the same time. Not to mention that this outfit can make you look remarkably tough and rugged.

Another classical outfit in this aspect would be to pair the red leather blazer with simple blue jeans, a white t-shirt, and a clean pair of white sneakers, which is an outfit that always scores well.

2. Suit-Up

A red leather blazer also is the perfect fashion item to create a full-blown suit for men. To master this look, you first need to get matching red leather dress pants. Also, black fancy dress shoes are an absolute must too.

Now, in comparison to other suits, a red leather blazer doesn't really match well with a tie or bowtie. Instead, it's better to match it with a black dress shirt or turtleneck and to add a simple gold or silver necklace. This will look formal, yet bold at the same time.

3. Cozy Nights

Thirdly, you can generate a cozy, yet sporty look by combining a red leather blazer with a warm sweater underneath it. Ideally, the sweater would contain shades of beige. The same logic applies when it comes to pants. To top this outfit off, you should seriously consider getting a white pair of shoes to make the entire outfit more vibrant.

This outfit will deliver the most success when you have a red leather blazer that has a vintage vibe to it. Accordingly, this outfit will not only keep you warm during the colder winter months, but it will also add some kind of timeless charm. And isn't that always something to strive for?

How to Style a Red Leather Blazer for Women

style a red leather blazer for women

1. Business Attire

If you want a formal look, you might want to consider pairing a red leather jacket with a black pencil skirt and a white formal shirt underneath the blazer. However, another route you can go in would be to pair the red leather jacket with matching red leather dress pants in order to create a very daring suit.

In the first scenario, it's recommended to pair the outfit with long black boots while in the second fashion scenario, it's recommended to pair the suit with black pumps. Also, minimalistic accessories are the way to go here.

2. Party Central

As mentioned before, black and red together might just be the best color combination out there, fashion-wise. Hence, it shouldn't come as a surprise that if you want to opt for a festive outfit, this color combination comes in very handy as well. That is to say, a red leather blazer goes extremely well with the classical little black dress and black pumps. Old, but gold!

3. Casual

Last, but certainly not least, if you're in for a very casual day, there are two main directions you can go in. Firstly, you could pair your red leather blazer with simple blue jeans. Then, to make your outfit more lively, you could try adding a little spice by wearing a black crop top underneath your blazer. To top the outfit off, you could rock a clean pair of white sneakers to make the outfit scream "casual chic".

Finally, the second option would be to pair the red leather blazer for women with a skirt and t-shirt. Very specifically, there's something about pairing leather blazers with a t-shirt of your favorite rock band that simply always does the trick. A final tip in this department is to finish the outfit with black leather ankle boots.