Difference Between Fashion Leather Jacket & Actual Biker Leather Jacket


Fashion leather jacket and biker leather jacket are two different things. In general, people see the leather jackets as a fashion item, whereas the biker jackets are tough and durable.

It can be difficult sometimes to know what is actually a biker leather jacket and what is simply a fashion leather jacket. If you want to buy or wear the real thing, then it's important to get educated about this now, before you make your purchase.

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What is the difference between biker leather jackets and fashion leather jackets?

Biker leather jackets are designed for the street. They embody a tough, rebellious persona. Throw on your biker jacket this winter to complete your punk, greaser or badass look.

Fashion leather jackets were made for the runway. They are glamorous, chic and sophisticated. These are often sold as sexy gifts or impulse buys at department stores and online fashion websites like PalaLeather.

So what is the difference between biker leather jackets and fashion leather jackets?

biker leather jacket uses high quality leather and textile

1. The material used:

Biker leather jackets are made from top quality textiles including cowhide, lamb and shoulder. Biker jackets have a very rough and hard texture to them. Fashion leather jacket on the other hand are more fuzzy.

Fashion leather jackets have a thinner, lighter material such as goatskin, lambskin or sheepskin to allow easier cuts for the designs.

2. Features and design:

The most noticeable difference is the metals used in biker leather jackets. Biker leather jackets have a lot more intricate designs like studs, rivets, spikes and buckles at the end of the collar. Even zippers are replaced by chains or belts.

Fashion leather jackets have various embellishments such as zippers and pins, but they can be as basic as a brand name or logo on the back. Fashion leather jackets are also much lower to the ground than biker leather jackets. Fashion leather jackets have a lot more flexibility in terms of cuts, length and armholes.

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3. The colors used:

Biker jackets are often bought in a neutral or darker color, including black, brown, gray, dark blue and navy blue. Biker jackets are usually worn in a more rough style than the fashion leather jacket, which can make them less colorful.

Fashion leather jackets, on the other hand, tend to have bolder colors and patterns like purple, yellow or red. The colors are found in plaid, checkered and tartan patterns inside the jackets.

4. The care:

Biker jackets are made of the heaviest and toughest materials that can last for years without wrinkling or fading. The biker jackets are meant to be polished and brushed only. It would be a mistake to wash away the metal studs and rivets.

Fashion leather jackets, on the other hand, are meant to be worn only once. They can go out of style quickly because they are made with light and fragile fabrics that do not hold up well against the elements or wear and tear to the outside.

Fashion leather jackets made from thinner materials can fade, but will look much better if they are ironed with steam. If you have a fashion leather jacket made of real leather, you can use products like Leather Laundry to keep it moist and shiny, rather than drying it out with water or sunlight.

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5. Price:

Biker leather jackets are relatively more expensive than fashion leather jackets due to the thicker, tougher material and the elaborate designs and studs. Contrary to popular belief, fashion leather jackets are not exactly cheap. They are affordable and affordable prices and low quality materials can be found at most major department stores.

The biker leather jackets cost more because they are made with high-grade materials and customized designs by skilled artisans such as embroiderers or tailors. The fashion leather jackets are leisurely sold in department stores for a more reasonable price.

6. Size:

Biker leather jackets are usually big in size, especially men's biker leather jackets. Women's biker leather jackets are smaller and more fitted than a men's jacket.

Higher end stuff will have a lot of customized sizes available and it takes a lot of time unless you have someone with the measurements who can do it for you.

Fashion leather jackets are more flexible and easier to find your size in. They do not come as big as biker jackets. Although some fashion jackets are unisex, several are made for women and men separately, allowing you to choose the best size based on your individual body type.

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7. The purpose:

Biker leather jackets are made for bikers in order to protect themselves from injuries, especially during a crash or an accident. They are designed to be worn by motorcyclists who travel long distances on the highway and speed down rough terrain. Biker leather jackets are not just for men, but they are also more commonly found in men's apparel.

Fashion leather jackets, on the other hand, were made as an alternative to fur coats and wool for fashion. In the 20th century, fashion leather jackets were used as a sign of wealth among women because they were expensive and difficult to find in stores.

Today, they are most commonly seen on trendy women. Women's fashion leather jackets are usually made of more delicate materials such as lambskin, lamb or suede.

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6. The comfort:

The biker jacket is a lot heavier than its fashionable counterpart and they also have no lining inside them, unlike the fashion leather jacket which have a layer of soft fabric inside them. The biker jacket is made to be worn in cool weather and for long hours of work. It can provide protection for the body from the cold weather, but the lack of lining can still be a problem if you are sweating profusely.

Fashion leather jackets are meant to be worn both at home and out in public. Fashion leather jackets provide more comfortable temperatures because they have an inner lining that keeps you warm when it becomes hot and an outer layer that keeps you cool when it gets cold.

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In general, a biker leather jacket is the perfect choice if you are planning to go out on a long journey. It provides comfort and protection against weather conditions. There are also many little details in the biker leather jackets that can make a huge difference in how it looks and feels when wearing it. They are very durable and strong jackets that can last for years without fading or cracking.

On the other hand, fashion leather jackets are good for those who want their clothes to stand out from the crowd. They are also great for people who have a large wardrobe and want to create a nice blend of colors and patterns.