Are Cowhide Leather & Crazy Horse Leather The Same Thing?

Crazy horse leather is full-grain leather that ages well and improves with use. Rather than fading away, crazy horse leather develops a patina. Cowhide is used fully for the leather. Except for the hair, nothing is removed. Whereas cowhide leather is a cow's natural and unbleached skin and hair.

Cowhide leather

Ancient civilizations were the first to employ cowhide. They grew and tamed their own cattle, eventually realizing that the skin, previously considered a waste product, could be utilized as a cloth.

Cow skin is the most popular form of leather because it can be dyed in various colors and given a variety of finishes to make it look like other more exotic leathers. Other animals are protected since cows are killed for their flesh anyhow, and the skin is a byproduct of the food business.

Like most varieties of leather, the cow's skin is removed and shaved to remove all the hair. It is then spread out flat and dried. After that, the tanning process may commence. After the production process, several effects can be added to cowhide.

The leather can be embossed, printed, or carved out with designs. Metal studs can be used as well. Depending on how it is tanned, cow skin leather can be soft and hairy or stiff and slippery.

cowhide leather type texture

Cowhide leather comes in various sizes and grades, depending on the type of cow it comes from and how it's made. Full-grain leather is the highest quality possible. Many environmental elements influence the grade of leather produced, including the climate, the conditions in which the animal is housed, how the animal is treated, and where the leather is acquired from the cow.

Properties of cowhide

  • Sun and heat damage resistant
  • Waterproof
  • Thick
  • Strong
  • Durable
  • Does not tear or rip easily
  • Breathable
  • Flexible
  • It can be colored or left to its natural color.

Cowhide has varios uses, such as jackets, gloves, boots, bags and purses.

Crazy horse leather

Crazy Horse leather has been prized for its beauty, strength, and durability for ages. The term came from the leather's widespread usage in saddle building when saddlemakers admired the durability and beauty of this high-quality hide.

Crazy Horse uses full-grain cowhide, which is the highest-quality natural leather available. The leather is coated in natural wax, then buffed and polished to a rich, smooth sheen. Bumps and scratches in the leather modify the color tones, providing the rich, multi-hued gloss that only the best genuine leather is known for.

crazy horse leather tuxture

Buying Crazy Horse leather jackets is one of the best decisions you can make. You would want a jacket of the highest quality and durability, and with crazy horse leather, you can never go wrong.

Crazy Horse leather outperforms all others because it is the only 100 percent full-grain natural cowhide that has been processed to be the hardest, most vigorous, and most robust leather available.

Why is Crazy Horse leather so unique?

Crazy Horse leather is the finest leather available. As previously stated, crazy horse leather is created from full-grain cowhide leather. Crazy horse leather is constructed from 100 percent authentic cowhide leather, which is a single piece of cowhide that has been waxed and polished to make it water-resistant and incredibly durable, with a soft feel and intense look.

Bumps and scratches produce a beautiful diversity of colors that add to the jacket's charm. The flaws found only in genuine leather contribute to the old aspect of each garment. With the uniqueness and flawlessness of this type of leather jacket, you should know how to take care of it.

How to look after your crazy horse leather jacket

1. Chemical-based cleansers should be avoided.

Crazy horse leather is distinguished by the peculiar wax that has been put to it. This wax is a natural product that acts on the leather fibers. Chemical-based cleaners might weaken the wax and harm the leather if you need to remove a stain. Instead, remove the stain with a gentle cloth, warm water, and mild hand soap.

2. Clean immediately.

If your crazy horse leather becomes soiled, wipe it with a mildly moist towel. If it becomes wet, carefully wipe away the moisture with a dry towel. It helps if you clean right away since you don't want the stain to set in and become permanent. It can discolor if water is left on it for an extended period of time.

3. Use leather conditioners or creams.

Although the markings and scratches on a wild horse leather reveal the leather's history and use, not everyone appreciates them. Apply a leather balm or conditioner on your wild horse leather to make it seem as good as new.

can crazy horse leather shrink

Can Crazy Horse Leather Shrink?

Crazy horse leather will shrink if left unconditioned for an extended time. The reason is straightforward: it is made of organic material that has been waxed and oiled. It exposes the leather's inherent fiber, making it prone to shrinkage and, in certain circumstances, discoloration.

The oils are dispersed by frequent water use, preventing the leather from shrinking. Conditioning the leather four to five times a year is recommended, although this depends on how frequently you use the crazy horse leather treatment.

The Crazy Horse Leather for You

Crazy horse leather is used to make the best quality leather purses, shoes, wallets, and belts. It is the most costly leather on the market since it is handcrafted and not chemically treated. Even after 20 years of careful usage, a crazy horse leather product will remain robust and solid.

In Conclusion

Crazy horse leather and regular cowhide leather are the same, but crazy horse leather is more durable. Crazy horse leather is created from full-grain cowhide leather, which is sturdy and attractive.

With proper care, it will acquire a patina that will reveal indications of aging, but this patina will give it a retro or vintage feel, adding to its charm and refinement. This leather is incredibly tough and resilient, making it an excellent choice for bags and shoes.